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The Goal: To take your vision of your new home, neighborhood, and amenities and make it a reality

The Strategy: To focus on properties that meet or exceed your wants, needs, and expectations, while staying within a budget that is comfortable for you.

Answer these simple questions:

1. Why am I buying a home now?

2. What will my new home look like?

3. Where will my new home be located?

4. What features will my new home have?

5. What is my budget for buying a new home?

6. What do I absolutely NOT want in my new home?


With the answers to these simple questions, we will custom tailor a property search to fit your wants, needs, expectations, and budget.  We will identify the properties within the search that you like best and then we’ll go and visit the properties.  We will be with you every step of the transaction to help navigate the process and ensure a pleasant and successful transaction.



The Goal: To sell your home at a value you are pleased with and in a time period you agree upon.

The Strategy: To use effective marketing and competitive pricing with justification of value that brings the attention of buyers in the market place to the property.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Why am I selling my property now?

2. What are the strengths of my property?

3. What are some weaknesses of my property?

4. Why might someone choose NOT to buy my home?

5. If someone else owned my current home, would I buy it?

6. If someone else owned my current home and I wanted to buy it, how much would I pay?


With answers to these simple questions, together we will come up with a plan to market and sell your property by emphasizing the positive attributes, pricing competitively, and maximizing the exposure of your property to the right buyers that are actively looking for properties similar to yours.  Our services do not end when an offer is accepted.  We will be there to guide you through the due diligence and contingency periods, all the way through to a successful closing.



Las Vegas is an incredibly easy city to relocate to.  Because of the influx of people over the last 15 years, many companies, services, and resources have been established to help you.  Please contact us for a FREE complete Las Vegas Valley Relocation Guide.