Let's get that home sold... 


Goal: To sell your home at a value you are happy with and in a time period you agree upon.

Strategy: To use smart, effective marketing, across different mediums, that will draw in the right buyer.

No one knows your home better than you do. To maximize value, it's helpful for us to know the following:
- What are the strengths of your property?
- Does your home have any shortcomings?
- When people visit your home, what do they like most?
- If you were going to make changes to your home, what would they be?
- What renovations, updates, changes have been made since you bought your home?
- What do you like most about your location and neighborhood?

Things to consider when pricing your home:
- What are other homes in the area selling for?
- How does your home compare to the others that have recently sold?
- How does your home compare to other homes that are currently for sale?
- If someone else owned your home today and you wanted to buy it, how much would you pay?


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